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Earthquake Hazards Program

Historical USGS Moment Tensor Solutions

Magnitude 3.9 UTAH
2007 August 06 08:48:40 UTC

Preliminary Earthquake Report
from the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS)

Historical Moment Tensor Solutions

The most recent (20 or less) USGS Moment Tensor Solutions are shown.
Data from the Source Parameter Database.

                        E P I C E N T E R   |          MOMENT  |    P R I N C I P A L  A X E S       |N O D A L  P L A N E S | 
     DATE    TIME (UTC)   LAT      LONG  SRC|DEPTH     VAL  EX |     T            N            P     |     1           2     | %  SRC
  YR  MO DA HR MN SEC     deg      deg      |  km  Mw     Nm   |VAL  PL AZM  VAL  PL AZM  VAL  PL AZM|STK DP SLIP STK DP SLIP| DC

Latest USGS Fast Moment Tensor Solutions


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