Historical USGS Moment Tensor Solutions

Magnitude 1.5 TENNESSEE
2013 February 11 20:37:27 UTC

Historical Moment Tensor Solutions World Location

The most recent (20 or less) USGS Moment Tensor Solutions are shown.
Data from the Source Parameter Database.

                        E P I C E N T E R   |          MOMENT  |    P R I N C I P A L  A X E S       |N O D A L  P L A N E S | 
     DATE    TIME (UTC)   LAT      LONG  SRC|DEPTH     VAL  EX |     T            N            P     |     1           2     | %  SRC
  YR  MO DA HR MN SEC     deg      deg      |  km  Mw     Nm   |VAL  PL AZM  VAL  PL AZM  VAL  PL AZM|STK DP SLIP STK DP SLIP| DC

Latest USGS Fast Moment Tensor Solutions

Preliminary Earthquake Report
U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center
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